The CCC is a warm and welcoming professional association for career counselors and career coaches, both in private practice and in organizations, in the New England Area. The CCC also welcomes members who are interested in learning more about the profession. For over 20+ years, members have found the CCC to be a key to their professional development.

CCC Member Benefits:

1. Free General Meeting Admission - Members receive free admission to all four General Meetings on topics of relevance to career development professionals in higher education, private practice, non-profits and business settings. See examples of past General Meetings.

2. Professional Development Seminars (PDS) – A core element of the CCC, full-day and half-day PDS events provide high-value intensive training to career development professionals throughout the region at very reasonable prices. Offered monthly on relevant and cutting edge topics in the career development field, the seminars are facilitated by local, regional and national experts. See examples of past Professional Development Seminars.

3. NETWORKING – Many CCC members share wonderful stories of how the people they met through the CCC helped them professionally. We all know that one of the keys to success is “who you know!” Connecting with CCC members has helped new and seasoned professionals gain “best practices,” learn about job openings, seek new resources, and make new professional friends. Every General Meeting starts with a “Needs and Leads” session where each attendee introduces themselves and, if relevant, shares a “need” or a “lead.” During the break, attendees follow-up with items of interest.

4. Career Counselor Search Directory –This database, open to the public, is a great opportunity for private practice career professionals to promote themselves. Only CCC members are eligible to be included in the directory.

5. Bring in a New Member for a PDS Discount. Current CCC members who invite non-members to join the CCC are eligible for $25 off the price of any single PDS they choose for each non-member they bring in who isn’t currently a member or wasn’t a member the previous year.

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